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Although using OGLCONSOLE is incredibly easy, you still ought to be told how. These "How-To"s are very comprehensive, and for a seasoned programmer, much more than you will need. Note: When you build with OGLCONSOLE, you must specify a macro to tell OGLCONSOLE whether you're using SDL, GLUT, or something else. As SDL is the only support released, this means you'll need to define the macro OGLCONSOLE_USE_SDL both when building OGLCONSOLE and when including oglconsole.h in your source code. The wasy way to do this is to pass -DOGLCONSOLE_USE_SDL to gcc. If you aren't using GCC and don't know how to specify macros in a similar fashion, you might try just adding #define OGLCONSOLE_USE_SDL at the beginning of oglconsole.h.